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Most customers attribute their decision to purchase a product to have heard about it from a close friend or reading about it in a blog they like. With social media, shoppers have more opportunities to go online and scroll through product recommendations before deciding to buy. Brand advocacy adds a personal touch to your marketing campaign through product advocates who recommend your brand to their friends and family by word-of-mouth: free brand marketing with a huge upside.

Brand advocacy, simply put, is people who love your products or services continuously supporting your brand by promoting and publicly recommending it to friends. Brand advocacy can involve positive posts on social media supporting your brand, recommending your product or service, writing an honest review of your brand on their blog, customer referrals, or user-generated content.

Brand advocacy expands your brand awareness and provides increased sales and brand perception from followers of your brand advocates, who may turn into loyal customers. Brand advocates drive new business and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by acting as representatives of your brand and showing prospects why your brand or product is the best choice for them.

Why Should You Care About Brand Advocacy?

Your brand reputation plays a crucial role in influencing purchase decisions. Since most shoppers today are skeptical about advertisements and marketing campaigns but are easily convinced through word-of-mouth recommendations, having genuine, trusted brand advocates gets them one step closer to becoming customers without you spending money on marketing.

When you have a good product and a reputation, customers are more likely to buy and recommend your products. Brand advocates provide free publicity to boost awareness at no cost to you compared to brand ambassadors. Your advocates paint a positive perception of your brand and influence their friends, followers, and family to purchase from you because they don’t feel like just another influencer pushing a product because they’re paid to.

Advantages of Brand Advocacy

Enhanced awareness: most of the time, brand advocates have an online reach and their community which can even include your target audience you haven’t reached yet. They market your brand to followers who trust their opinions and consider their recommendations. Your business gets a wider reach to untapped markets and increases conversions.

Optimized branding: brand advocates provide awareness through product reviews online, testimonials, social posts, blogs, and user-generated content, which contribute to your branding goals without your direct effort. Genuine content about your products can influence other customers to try out your brand.

Wider audience: brand advocates use social networks to promote your brand. Their audience may come across their post, decide to check out your products based on their recommendations, and even become advocates themselves.

Lower acquisition costs: brand advocates who genuinely share an appreciation for your brand can save you a lot of funds spent on influencer marketing. Their social standing and authority allow them to influence customers to purchase without you using your budget on marketing.

Cultivates a community of loyal customers: brand advocates successfully convert an untapped market into loyal customers who trust their recommendations and enjoy your products. The open talk about your brand in socials and review networks nurtures relationships that revolve around promoting your brand

An expanded, reliable sales team: with a loyal brand advocacy system, your business doesn’t have to spend much on sales and marketing, including launches of new products and services. Your brand advocates act as sales representatives to expand the reach of your marketing campaigns and remind customers of your brand.

Brand advocacy and user-generated content market your brand without feeling like another marketing ad. People can read through the reviews and product comparisons knowing the recommendations are not a marketing stunt but authentic product reviews. The content contributes to your SEO through backlinks and raises your traffic and click-through rates.

More Organic Marketing Growth

When more people talk about your product online, and on social networks, your brand domain authority is positively impacted. More people get to stumble upon your brand and contribute to the conversation, which translates to more leads and potential sales without spending a marketing dime.

Finding and nurturing genuine brand advocates can involve a fair bit of effort, and Center Step Marketing is here to help. We provide North Texas brand advocacy solutions to help your business expand its marketing capability through word of mouth while acquiring new customers.

Our North Texas brand advocacy services enhance your brand awareness, help promote your brand to prospective clients, and acquire qualified, ready-to-convert leads. We turn the audience into brand loyalists.

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