Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategies for Your Brand Across Social Media

Social media marketing uses your social media accounts to increase brand awareness, create a loyal and targeted following, drive more traffic to your website, and increase sales through conversions. Center Step Marketing provides North Texas social media marketing services that help your business maximize returns from its marketing strategy by harnessing the power of its social media presence. We help companies to create, manage and monitor social media marketing campaigns through researched, personalized, and data-driven solutions.

Your customers expect your brand to have a lively social media presence that’s tailored, cohesive and explains your brand offering creatively, and we’re here to make that happen.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing provides increased brand exposure online through advertisements and engagements, which create interest in your brand offerings and drive traffic to your website. Optimized social media handles improve your search engine rankings with snippets of your brand appearing in search engine results on the targeted keywords.

Social media marketing makes audience retargeting easy through platform analytics that helps determine audience demographic data and behavior online to craft your ads better to match their search intent.

With our North Texas social media marketing service, you can create highly personalized campaigns with content, plans, and engagements customized to your specific brand needs. Your posts, content, and engagements connect personally with the customers.

You have many options available with numerous social media platforms allowing marketing services. You can use Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, and even YouTube ads to market your brand.

With social media marketing, you can easily track and monitor the performance of your ads from one single dashboard within each platform ad account. You can review the reports and evaluate performance with our team providing recommendations on what can be done to turn things around.

Some social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow you to set up stores directly on the platform. You can acquire and convert leads directly to your Instagram/Facebook store using CTA’s, profile buttons, and even direct engagement.

Social media marketing success allows your brand to build a community of loyal customers. You get direct communication with prospects where you can get feedback, address customer pain points, and hold discussions that put you top-of-mind with your prospects.

Signs your social media marketing needs work

  • Your posts have little to no engagement. Regardless of how good your post is, the number of likes, shares, and comments show that your audience is not interacting with your content or you’re marketing to the wrong audience.
  • There is no clear social media strategy or plan, whether tracking metrics, content creation, marketing goals, channels and platforms, budget, or content schedule.
  • Your posts are mostly promotional and not entertaining or conversational. Change your content to feature other informative posts.
  • Your input and the results don’t match. Your strategy fails when the campaigns’ budget and traffic, conversions, and sales are far apart.
  • Much time is spent optimizing social media marketing campaigns, but the results are not improving.
  • Analytics aren’t your stronghold, and you have not focused on tracking and monitoring the KPIs and Metrics that matter.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

We follow social media posting best practices to ensure your Social Media Marketing strategy delivers measurable growth for your business:

Research your audience. Know whom you want to attract and what kind of users and customers you want to follow your brand. Create realistic buyer personas focusing on targeting the audience that matches your personas.

Be on the right networks. We ensure that you join platforms that match your brand personality and feature the type of content that your brand is comfortable with creating and distributing. Try out the new platform and get ahead of the competition.

Have a plan that’s rooted in research. We set posting and content goals that have a strategic advantage that allows you to create and refine every post based on the performance of previous pieces and what your goals are.

Audit and track the performance of your social media marketing campaigns across all platforms. We take advantage of analytics tools on the platforms to audit your account and refine your content to match the ideal metrics and outperform the competition.

Have a consistent brand strategy from the tone, voice, and brand messaging across your social media accounts. We help you create a rulebook on captions, hashtags to use, content sources and types, and the visual style of your posts.

Post and repurpose content for different platforms. We help turn threads into blogs and Facebook pages, turn YouTube video scripts into articles on LinkedIn, and record reels as part of your ad feature. We tailor the content to each platform rather than linking everywhere to one article.

Respond quickly to feedback and concerns in your posts but don’t indulge trolls. Reply to customers and fans promptly on questions about your product or service and have a consistent solution-oriented mindset.

Have a content review and approval structure. We help ensure that your posts and content, including ads, are approved before publishing to prevent social media PR fallouts. Have a crisis management plan if you have a PR emergency.

Schedule and optimize your content for each platform. From captions, copywriting, media, and even links, each post is designed to maximize the reach and stay relevant on the platform.

Determine the trends and popular takes that are right for your brand. Before jumping on a hashtag or voicing your brand opinion, ensure that your audience and prospects will not be alienated.

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