SEO Marketing

Center Step Marketing Can Help Increase Your Search Engine Optimization Performance

When customers search for products or services relating to your brand, your competition comes first in the results, and you miss out on business. The secret? SEO marketing.

SEO marketing improves your site visibility and moves your rankings to the first page. SEO marketing involves several technical and content upgrades that improve your site’s crawlability, allowing search engine robots to crawl through your website, collect information about the page, and index it.

Higher website visibility improves the chances of ranking higher on search engines. But you can’t pay for higher organic search rankings, you’ll have to do an SEO checklist and upgrade your SEO factors, and that’s where we come in.

Not sure if your SEO marketing needs work? If the following describes your website, you need our SEO experts to take a look.

  • Steadily decreasing organic traffic
  • Subpar keyword rankings and ranking for the wrong keywords
  • Non-converting landing pages (low CRO)
  • Thin or duplicate content
  • Tracking vanity metrics
  • Poor quality backlinks-clickbait or broken links
  • Manual penalties
  • High bounce rates

Our North Texas SEO marketing experts audit and evaluate your SEO strategy and determine the areas that need improvement, from keywords and content to technical SEO aspects. Each factor is optimized to ensure sufficiently high SEO rankings. We deep dive into SEO factors that help with SEO best practices and help your website beat the competition in organic search ranking.

We help create relevant, authoritative web pages that give users a pleasant search experience and drive qualified organic traffic.

Leveling up your SEO game

Our SEO experts craft a custom-tailored SEO strategy that drives qualified traffic through tactical SEO solutions that include:

Organic rankings

We optimize the on-page and off-page SEO factors that affect your search rankings. We go behind the scenes to optimize the technical aspects that make your site easier to access for search engine crawlers and improve your rankings. We optimize on-page factors like;

  • Relevant, researched, organized, and expertly copywritten content
  • Targeted, researched, optimized and competitive keywords
  • Optimized HTML elements like title tags, meta description, URL tags, alt text & headings
  • Secure, efficient, and crawlable site architecture elements like site maps, load times, mobile friendliness, and security.

Our SEO marketing experts also optimize off-page SEO factors like link building & auditing, and promoting high-value & high-quality links that contribute to building your website credibility and expanding brand awareness.

Local SEO optimization

We optimize local visibility by enhancing your local SEO performance and putting your business on the map to increase foot traffic to your physical store. Local search visibility begins with optimizing your business’s Google My Business profile, claiming and optimizing your listings, and establishing your presence on Google Search results and Google Maps. We optimize all local ranking factors to improve your domain authority, even on local-focused platforms like Yelp.

SEO Best Practices

Our white-hat North Texas SEO marketing service focuses on optimizing your website according to SEO best practices defined by search engines like Google and Bing. We are allergic to shortcuts and tactics that potentially result in penalties and ensure your website is free of any potential risks that are penalties waiting to happen. We implement Google SEO best practices, including;

  • Structured headings with consistent hierarchy
  • Adding schema & markup data
  • Optimized metadata and tags for page sections
  • Organized search hierarchy
  • Consistent URL and authoritative linking structure
  • Optimized web content that’s interesting and useful
  • Ensuring website responsiveness and mobile friendliness

We avoid black-hat SEO tactics, which are manipulative ways around Google’s guidelines or direct violations of search engine standards for websites to cheat their way to the top. While these may be short-term strategies to achieve Page 1 results or featured snippets, Google may end up restricting your website, suspending your Google Business Profile, or penalizing your domain. Recovering from these can be near impossible, so our team focuses on A/B testing to ensure best practices while aligning with regulations set by internet search engines.

SEO Performance Reporting

We set up SEO performance tracking to monitor the performance of your SEO strategies and course correct where necessary. Our SEO tracking strategies focus on the SEO metrics that matter to your business. Our SEO experts will provide in-depth analysis and compile comprehensive SEO reports that measure keyword rankings, organic traffic, leads, CRO, and additional metrics that measure your project success according to your goals. We also provide actionable recommendations and in-house SEO strategy implementation with continuous monitoring for an all-in-one solution.

Optimized Content

We write impeccable web copy that features researched and targeted keywords. We create search-engine-friendly metadata that includes meta tags and meta descriptions that are high quality and aligned with recommended best practices. We optimize your HTML code, including HTML header tags and structured metadata, to organize information and content to help search engines understand your site and index your content correctly.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a crucial part of our North Texas SEO marketing optimization strategy. Search engines now include image search previews alongside organic listings and direct users to host pages. Our SEO image optimization experts curate original and optimized images with relevant alt text and neighboring descriptive text, ensuring your images improve your search engine ranking. We ensure images, graphics, and animations are high quality and don’t affect load times while your markup and schema data are on-point.

The Center Step Marketing Difference

We bring SEO strategies that implement essential rankings tips and improve your website competitiveness. From improving crawlability for indexing, creating compelling content with optimized keywords to ruling search engine rankings to providing a great user experience through faster load times and a compelling UI, we leave nothing to chance.

Our North Texas SEO marketing services provide deep-down SEO strategies beyond surface-level optimizations. We help your website create share-worthy content that earns links and citations and enhances awareness. We optimize titles, URLs & metadata to draw high CTR, and we improve your snippets and schema structures to ensure your website stands out among the competition.

Put Your Brand on the Center Step